Four Cozy Bookstores to Visit in Denton

Bookstores to check out in Denton, TX
?Sometimes it’s great to go into a bookstore and just lose yourself among the lovingly crafted works. Whether you’re into fiction, biographies, or history, the unique environment of a bookstore can transport you into another world. Here are four of Denton, Texas’ best bookstores.

  1. Recycled Books, Records, and CDs

The cornerstone of Denton square is the big purple building that was once the Wright Opera House, and is now the home of Recycled Books. Pretty much every part of the store is covered in books, even some of the unique features of this historic building. This store is…

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The 4 Best Places to Go Boating Around Dallas


1. Lake Lewisville

If you head east on I-35 from Dallas for about 45 minutes, eventually you’ll run into the majestic Lake Lewisville. Covering 29,000 acres with 233 miles of shoreline, this lake is the perfect destination for boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, and relaxing. There are also 12 boat ramps around the lake to launch your boat, or if you don’t have one, rentals are available, including the popular party barge. Don’t forget to visit the legendary party cove if you’re 21 and in the mood. No matter what you do, you’re guaranteed to…

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Three Places to Go Horseback Riding Near Denton


Looking for an enjoyable day of horseback riding in Denton? These stables and riding centers are the best places for both experienced riders and beginners.

Marshall Creek Ranch

Marshall Creek Ranch is a great family-friendly riding option. The ranch offers guided trail rides and has horses of all different sizes. The trails wind through the stunning Lake Grapevine area, which is abundant with wildlife and nicely shaded by the towering Cottonwood trees.

This popular ranch books up completely each day, so if you want to spend a day riding with the lovely horses at Marshall Creek Ranch, be sure

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The Best 5-Star Restaurants in the Dallas Area

Whether you have a taste for succulent Filet Mignon or fresh Atlantic Salmon, you’ll find many excellent 5-star restaurants in the Dallas area. Here are five that you’re sure to love.

The French Room

Considered one of the best restaurants in the United States, The French Room features a menu of distinctive cosmopolitan dishes prepared by a team of internationally trained chefs. Some menu favorites include the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin, Holland Dover Sole, and House Smoked Salmon Carpaccio. The restaurant boasts an elegant atmosphere with arched windows, crystal chandeliers, 



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5 Differences Between the Kia Rio and the Kia Forte


The Size and Exterior Design

The Forte is a compact car while the Rio is a subcompact. So if you need more space, the Forte is a better choice. It offers more room for its passengers, and it has more cargo space in the back. If you want a sporty look, the Forte also has a sportier design, while the Rio is less flashy but made for reliability. The other big design difference is the five-door hatchback style option for the Rio, while the Forte is only available as a four-door sedan.

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