Express Service



Many sorts of vehicle services can be performed with precision and haste. At Huffines Kia of Corinth, we complete all our express services in 60 minutes or less. Here, we cover every kind of express service available at our dealership for your convenience.

Express Service at Huffines Kia of Corinth

Look no further than Huffines Kia of Corinth, Texas, for speedy and affordable express services. Our kind and attentive staff will take care of the express operations your Kia needs while you relax in our comfortable waiting area or head out to run an errand. Either way, we'll have your Kia ready to roll in no time. We'll complete every express service operation within an hour unless something unforeseen complicates the process.

We contact you immediately in the event that we expect your service to take longer than usual, but this is exceedingly rare. Let's break down each service type below, detailing how often you should perform them, what we need to carry them out, and how long they take us to complete on average.

The Kia Multi-Point Inspection

Kia service professionals inspect every vehicle that enters the service center to ensure that all express service operations necessary are taken care of. If the inspection shows that some things within the express service lineup aren't required, we strike those items from the list to save the driver time. If a related system isn't broken and scheduled maintenance isn't required, there is no need to work on it.

The Kia Multi-Point Inspection includes checks on windshield wipers, transmission fluid, brake fluid, air filters in the cabin and engine bay, coolant liquids, power steering fluid, seat belts, tires, brake pads, rotors, the horn, the powertrain, headlights and taillights, interior lights, the battery, and drive belts. We also search the entire vehicle for any damage or deterioration to the cabin interior or body. We also use a specialized computer diagnostic tool to check the viability of the Kia's computer and other electronic systems.

Oil and Oil Filter Changes

Most Kia vehicles need their oil and filters changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. When it's time to perform these operations, our service pros will begin by jacking up the Kia and removing the associated cover panel to access the oil pan and filter. They then place an oil-catching unit under the access point and drain the Kia's oil. At this point, they'll remove the oil filter and check the associated O-Ring gasket to ensure it did not dislodge.

Our technicians will then replace the drain plug and install a new oil filter. After completing all these tasks, they'll add new oil to the system and check the oil level. Your service professional will always check the oil level and inspect the system for leaks at the end of this operation. Oil and oil filter changes typically take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Our service center is equipped with specialized devices called voltmeters that read the charge levels of Kia batteries quickly and easily. Recharging is necessary if the readout comes up with 12.45 volts or lower. If the battery fails to hold the required voltage after recharging, our technicians will need to replace it. Battery testing and replacement take a few minutes.

Battery recharging time varies considerably based on the size of the battery in question. Standard batteries can charge up quickly, but hybrid and fully electric Kia batteries take longer. Our service center is equipped with chargers capable of recharging all three battery varieties in the shortest possible time.

Tire Rotation

Tires require rotating every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Tire rotation is the process of shifting the tire positions on the wheels to maximize tread wear uniformity and tire traction capability. There are three formats of tire rotation: Forward Cross, X-Pattern, and Rearward Cross. The back tires move to the front on the same sides and the front tires move to the opposite sides in front during a forward cross rotation.

Tires move from their starting positions to the opposite sides and ends during an X-pattern rotation. A rearward cross rotation is the opposite of a forward cross rotation. Your service team member will know which pattern to use based on your vehicle's class and tire type. Tire rotations take half an hour to an hour to complete. Your technician will balance your rotated tires if required.

Car Wash and Vacuum

The service team at Huffines Kia of Corinth wants each vehicle they work on to roll out of our bays in better condition than when it arrived. That means more than taking care of the standard express service operations involving a Kia's internal systems and tires. It includes a thorough cleaning of the entire vehicle, inside and out.

We will thoroughly vacuum and clean your vehicle's interior to eliminate stains and debris. We'll then clean the exterior with our on-lot car wash. Our service personnel will then inspect the interior and exterior of the Kia to ensure that we haven't missed anything.

Certified Technicians, Quality Original Manufacturer Parts, and Amenities

Our service crew is thoroughly trained and has extensive experience handling all the above operations. They receive further training whenever a better method or change in operations comes around, so they're always up to date on how best to take care of things. Every part we use is an original manufacturer part designed for the Kia it's placed in. These parts are cut more precisely than aftermarket variants, so they're the ideal choice for every operation.

Customers who choose to wait for at the dealership for us to complete the work have access to our guest amenities. These include satellite TV, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, relaxing seating, refreshments, and workstations for all who want to get some work done on a personal device while they wait.

Feel free to reach out to us at your convenience and set up an appointment for express service. Service specials are often available for express services. The service staff at Huffines Kia of Corinth, Texas, is entirely at your service.