True Cash Offer Available In Denton, TX

True Cash Offer at Huffines Kia Corinth

If you want to upgrade to a new vehicle, consider trading your used car for a new model. At Huffines Kia Corinth, we offer plenty of tools to help you decide about buying, selling, or changing your car. We are here to help, so feel free to contact our finance center with any questions you have. You can also use our True Cash Offer service to determine what your used car is worth. This online service that considers the year, mileage, model, and condition of your car to provide you with an accurate estimate of its trade-in value. 

To use the tool, you can enter either your license plate or your VIN or find your vehicle's exact make, model, and trim. The tool compares your vehicle to the existing used car market to find out how much it's worth to trade in. Once you know its trade value, you can contact us to make the trade and apply the credit towards your new model.

In Denton, TX, we accept trade-ins to help you lower the financing on your new car. Trading in your old car for a new model can have various additional benefits for the seller that you may miss if you sell it to an individual. Here are some of the benefits of trading in your vehicle:

You can upgrade your current vehicle by trading in your older model for a new car. Newer vehicles have updated features like Wi-Fi and mobile device connectivity that can improve your driving experience. You may want to trade in an older model with fewer capabilities to take advantage of the technological advances that have been made since you last purchased a car. Some features that many considered a luxury a few years ago are now regarded as standard on many models, like a touch-screen infotainment console.

After a few years of owning a car, some aspects of your vehicle may have begun to erode or break down. New engine advances are being made, especially as hybrid and electric cars grow in popularity. A new car will have an all-new engine and powertrain with very few miles on it. You can also upgrade to a more fuel-efficient vehicle and reduce your carbon footprint.

Avoiding Advertising

Advertising can be a huge task when trying to sell your vehicle. You need to advertise that you are selling your car so that potential customers can find your sales opportunity and consider it. Promoting your vehicle can be simple as putting up a social media post about selling your vehicle to see if any friends know someone in the market. It may sound easy, but if your posts don't work, you are left with no real avenue to try to sell the car. There are various selling platforms you can use to get the word out, but each one takes time and effort to figure out.

Trading your car into the dealership takes away any stress about finding someone to take your vehicle off your hands. The dealership is always available to take used vehicles and pay market value. You can trade in your vehicle regardless of its condition. The dealership experts handle whether they should resell the car to a new customer, and the dealership already has a customer base and advertising channels set up to find interested buyers. Trading your vehicle in removes most of the heavy lifting regarding advertising and finding a customer market.

Lowering Monthly Payments

You can lower your monthly payments by trading in your used car because you can offset the cost of a new car by trading in an old one. When you trade-in a vehicle, we can discount the market value of that car from the price of a new or used car that you want to purchase. The discount lowers the remaining balance of your new vehicle. It also reduces the sales tax on your new vehicle because the payment amount is lower. 

For example, if you trade in a car for $10,000 and want to buy a new car that is $30,000, the $10,000 is subtracted from the $30,000, so your payment plan only extends to $20,000. Your sales tax is calculated based on the $20,000 figure. Your monthly payments, which are a fraction of the $20,000 over a predetermined loan term, can be lower because the total amount you are paying back is lower. This can also mean that your overall interest is lower. Lowering your monthly payments can be a massive benefit for your bank account.

Completing a Quick and Easy Sale


Image via Kia USA

Easy and quick sales at the dealership are among the biggest benefits of trading in your car. The dealership is well-versed in trades and is familiar with the market. They have the paperwork available and can help answer any questions you may have about the value of your old car or financing a new vehicle. Our finance center representatives are prepared to offer you a good deal on your car so that you can trade for the model of your choice.

Our finance center builds its reputation on trust and convenience, so you can believe that when you want to trade your vehicle, we are prepared to help take it off your hands. We accept all types of cars, and you don't have to worry about performing repairs or even sending it through the car wash before you bring it to us. We can handle all maintenance after we make the trade. By removing this obstacle from our customers, we also ensure that they can finance the car of their dreams without any trouble.

At Huffines Kia Corinth, we want you to feel comfortable trading in your car, trusting that you get the best offer with minimal hassle. Offering this service allows us to provide the most quality customer care for the Corinth and Denton, TX community. If you have any questions, you can contact us or stop by to visit our finance center directly. We look forward to serving you.